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Features Of Laser Printers

There are different types of laser printers that are available in the market. The printers vary and are made to suit the needs of the buyer. A laser printer operates almost similarly like the copier but the only difference is that the copier uses light to reflect an image of the object from the original to drum surface. Laser printers have computer enabled features and they can receive command from a laptop connected to the network. Many organizations prefer buying laser printers which are advanced and can be customized to manage costs of printing, identify whether the objects being printed are relevant or they are personal printouts by the employees. When buying the best laser printers available in the market, the following features need to be taken into consideration.

A laser printer that has got high resolution capability should be considered. Laser printing imaging papers may have different resolutions ranging from 250 laser dots per inch to up to 1500 laser dot per inch. Laser printing machines do not have resolution exceeding 1500 dots per inch since the physical properties of the printer toner may not be reduced too much smaller particles.

High-end production printers have the resolution capacity of range between 1500 and 2400 dots per inch because of the resolution advancement technology used to manufacture them. Low laser resolution may be disadvantageous because they cause lines which are jagged to appear in the image. Organizations should there opt to user best laser printers with higher resolution for commercial purposes.

The best home printer speed is an important feature that a buyer should take into consideration when they want to acquire a printer for different uses. Mechanical ability to move the paper hinders the speed of laser printer. Laser speed is also determined by the lasers ability to image the drum for repeated purposes. Computer power available to process and translate the image of the laser also affects the speed of the laser printer.

Best laser printers should have processors and random access memories like computers used to produce the original files. Some type of Laser printers have hard drives for storing data . Laser printers which are slow may be able to run about fifteen to seventeen papers in one minute. Laser printers with high speed usually turn sixty pages per minute and are well suited in organizations whose main business purposes requires high capacity printing.

Lastly, a buyer should consider the durability of the laser printer. A good laser printer should be durable and easy to maintain. Learn more about printing here:

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